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Изотермический подвижной состав
Изотермический подвижной состав используется для перевозки скоропор-тящихся грузов. Мы готовы предоставить Вам вагоны термосы и ИВ-термосы под перевозку любых продовольственных или непродовольственных грузов.

NevaRefTrans Transport Company - Service

NevaRefTrans Transport Company organizes carriage of cargo by rail transport and renders transport and forwarding services.

The main line of our activities is the carriage of perishable goods (i. e., goods requiring protection against the effect of high and low outdoor air temperatures).

Services available for our clients: - constant availability of refrigerator cars (cars making up 4-, 5- and 8-car refrigerator sections, thermos cars); - quick carriage organization (1-2 days from order date).

Availability of a large number of cars ready for loading, good loading platforms with a possibility of round-the-clock entry for heavy-load trucks, quick response to market needs – all this enables us to carry a considerable volume of goods (chicken-meat, pork, beef, fresh-frozen fish, fresh fruit) imported by big importers into Russia via the ports of Saint Petersburg as well as food products produced by large Saint Petersburg companies.

You can contact us at the above phone numbers or by E-mail: info@nevareftrans.ru.